Custom Fiberglass Parts

Get the Highest Quality Custom FRP Fiberglass Composite Parts

Custom Fiberglass FRP Composite parts are suitable - and even desired - for a range of applications for the following reasons:

  • Versatility and freedom of design
  • Affordability and cost-effectiveness
  • Strength and long-lasting durability
  • Light weight

All of these mean that composites can be molded and fabricated into any shape or design. The finished product is also lighter, stronger, and in most cases cheaper than something manufactured from an alternative material such as steel - plus, it will last far longer.

The cost of designing, engineering, and prototyping FRP Fiberglass Composite parts is relatively low when compared with other manufacturing techniques and materials. Also, once the plugs and molds are created, duplicate parts can be produced at extremely cost-effective price points.

The non-corrosive nature and durability of Fiberglass FRP Composite results in lower maintenance costs and ensures a lighter and stronger product that also saves on shipping and storage costs.

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Why Work with Custom Composites for your Custom FRP Fiberglass Composite Parts?

At Custom Composites LLC, we've been a leading supplier of custom FRP composite parts to a number of product manufacturers and individual companies across this nation for 40 years. We offer a complete range of custom parts for construction, transportation, oil and gas, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

All of our parts are designed and manufactured to your custom specifications with the highest degree of professional service and quality. We manufacture our parts from complete CAD drawings or simple sketches you may provide to explain what you need. 

Let Us Know Your Custom Fiberglass FRP Composite Parts Needs

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