Fiberglass Grating

High Performance FRP Fiberglass Composite Grating Components

Originally developed for highly corrosive industrial environments, our FRP fiberglass grating and structural components are now used in a wide variety of environments and applications including oilfield rigs and walkways. Let our team show you the ideal solution for your business - designed to meet your specified requirements and to our exacting standards.

Benefits & Value of FRP Fiberglass Composite Grating:

  • Superior prevention of slips and falls in wet or oily conditions
  • Excellent cushioning to support workers with less strain and fatigue
  • Highly improved cleaning and minimal maintenance needs
  • Non-conductive both thermally and electrically for superior safety
  • Non-corrosive and long lasting

Our long-lasting, anti-slip and anti-skid Fiberglass FRP Composite grating is the preferred surface for environments where working conditions may be dangerous. It’s manufactured by interweaving continuous fiberglass strands with thermosetting resin systems to ensure the strongest, most durable surface possible. The light-weight nature of FRP Fiberglass Composite grating ensures that installation is simple and does not require heavy machinery.

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FRP Fiberglass Composite Grating for all Your Industrial Application Needs

Fiberglass FRP Composite grating outlasts all other building materials and is the first choice for situations of extreme weather or corrosion such as chemical plants, food and beverage operations, waste water treatment plants, industrial applications, and more.

This highly effective, lightweight, high-strength slip resistant flooring is typically used in a number of manufacturing and industrial applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Stairs and treads
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Mezzanines and plating lines
  • Overhead platforms and catwalks
  • Ramps and walkways
  • and many more

At Custom Composites LLC, we offer the highest quality materials combined with years of custom fabrication and installation experience to ensure that our customers have the ideal composite solution for their needs.

Get the custom Fiberglass FRP Composite grating you need from a team who stands by their products!

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